This is not your usual interview series. I’m interviewing people with amazing stories and insights that need to be shared. BUT I am more interested in the dirt we all keep hidden rather than the obvious successes and glamor shots we tend to show the world.

Join Joel Silverstone and I as we talk about his passion for obstacle running – it’s not only a fun and challenging way to get in shape, but it can also help you face the challenges in your life head on.

Joel is the Sr. Professional Skills Trainer & Coach at The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company.

A former professional actor and improviser, Joel brings those skills actors use into the corporate world. For over 20 years Joel has been helping leaders and their teams feel more confident and impactful with their communication and leadership skills in live and virtual sessions. Joel has presented, trained, and coached to small businesses and government agencies to Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. 

Joel is often speaking at HR, Learning, Leadership and Professional Services Conferences across North America.

You can listen to Joel as the host of: “The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast”, interviewing leaders and experts on leadership and communication skills. When not working with soft skills, Joel has been testing his skills in Obstacle Course Racing since 2012, highlighted by qualifying for the World Championships, where he placed near the bottom of the pack- just happy to be there!