How you present yourself matters. Whether it’s as part of your role in a leadership position or when talking to your boss, the way you express yourself can have a major impact on the decisions and the actions that affect your life. Effective communication in the office is mostly non-verbal; that means eye contact, posture, gestures and facial expressions. Your body language speaks volumes – if you stand tall and confident with open arms, people are more likely to trust what you say and take your advice. But people are frequently unaware that they are emitting negative nonverbal cues that others notice which present unnecessary barriers.

Pair slouching with negative or minimizing language and you create the perfect environment for well thought-out ideas to be dismissed. No one wants to listen to someone who appears downbeat about their own views! Similarly, using positive words conveys optimism and trustworthiness; it allows others to understand that they can rely on your opinion. It’s important to remember that how you speak is almost as important as what you say.

Teams who communicate effectively in the workplace can see up to a 25% increase in their productivity (, 2021). Try it yourself. In the office before a meeting or at the next little league game, try changing your posture. Stand with your feet apart, hands on your hips for 2 minutes. You’ll feel more confident and more open. Use that feeling and skip adding words into the conversation like “I hope” or “I just wanted.” Replace them with strong words such as “I am” or “I want to” instead.

By being aware of your body language and word choices, you can ensure that the decisions and actions in your life always reflect the best version of yourself. Being mindful of your posture and speech will open up more opportunities for success, so don’t be afraid to take a few moments before speaking to make sure you’re presenting yourself in the most confident way possible.  After all, it pays off in the long run!

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