I was indulging myself in a fancy latte from a popular coffee chain. Going through the drive-through, I ordered my tea latte, which takes a few minutes to make (it has to steep first). So they did what some fast food chains have been doing, they asked me to pull to the front and park. Why? To keep ticket times down I guess. But soon, waiting out front turned into a longer and longer wait. They’d forgotten to bring my drink out when it was done. Too often, we equate speed with productivity. We think that if we can just do more and do it faster, we’ll be more successful. But in reality, that’s not always the case. And at the famous coffee place, I am looking for quality not speed.

We hear it all the time; hard work pays off, and success comes with hard work. But what we often don’t hear is that this hard work needs to be done sustainably, or it could easily backfire. The belief that more and faster is always better is a dangerous myth, one that can often rapidly lead to burnout and exhaustion. Hard work should embody quality over quantity – hard work still pays off, but in a much healthier way. Taking the time to carefully assess tasks and making sure you have time for yourself will always be a productive life choice!

When it comes to success, doing something quickly might feel productive, but if the result is low-quality, it defeats the purpose. Rather than rushing through tasks just to start new ones, aiming for success requires mindfulness and collaboration. Take that extra time to ensure things are done properly and expertly – this will lead to greater success in the long run!

Do you want improved performance and quality? Then it pays to take the time when doing things for the best results! Your team’s success depends on it. Taking a few extra moments of time can make all the difference in producing a positive end result. So when you have a task that needs to get done, don’t settle for less.