We need to start believing in abundance. When we don’t believe in abundance we function from a mindset of scarcity, and scarcity makes us scared. Scared of losing what we have and what we are working towards. It causes us to resent others for what they have gained and fear that they may take resources we are hoping to gain for ourselves. When we believe in abundance, we know that there are resources enough for all of us. But alas, society doesn’t always function that way.

You know the story – we all do. Woman A sees Woman B’s success and instead of applauding her and supporting her, she is envious and doesn’t know why. I understand the source of the issue – we’ve been constrained by the “way it’s always been” to believe that there is not enough space at the top for all of us and there is no other way to accomplish anything. But it is 2023 and I want to know when we are going to change our thinking and that narrative. We need to get to a place where we can see another woman succeeding and know that her success is no threat to our own. Just like on the Bloor/Yonge subway line in rush hour, there’s room for us all. We just have to make the space for each other.

Once we break the cycle of believing we must be in competition to succeed, then we can even begin to look for ways to collaborate with each other. We can see opportunities in the success of other women -like brand deals where you promote each other and expand each other’s client base. There are so many ways we can work together to lift each other up and the amazing part is, by stepping into this new way of being, we are quietly doing the work of dismantling the “way it’s always been.”

There is plenty of space for all of us to succeed so it is time to step into a new narrative: women holding each other up, lauding each other’s success, supporting each other when we stumble. The question is, how do we do it? Michele Obama was known for amplifying women in her meetings. What that means is that when a woman makes a statement and then we, using her name, repeat the statement for all to hear. I challenge you to try this in your next meeting, at the coffee shop, or at the dinner table. Amplify each other and remember that there is room for us all. Sometimes, we just need to be a little louder to be heard.